Ashim Gupta

I am a Research Assistant in the Computer Science Department at IIT Kharagpur. My research advisors here at IIT Kharagpur are Prof. Pawan Goyal and Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar. My work at IIT Kharagpur mainly focusses on information extraction from biomedical literature and unsupervised machine translation systems for indic languages.

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-BHU in 2016. My undergraduate research advisors were Prof. Rajeev Srivastava and Prof. D. N. Vishwakarma. During my undergraduate, my research involved working on image retrieval systems both in general and medical domain. For my undergraduate thesis, I studied and implemented robust multi-sensor data fusion methods using Kalman Filter. After graduating, I briefly worked as a Software Engineer for where, among other things, I was responsible for developing regression models for company's Price Estimator application.

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Fully Contextualized Biomedical NER
Ashim Gupta, Pawan Goyal, Sudeshna Sarkar
41st Eurpoean Conference on Information Retrieval, 2019 (Acceptance Rate: 29%)

We develop an NER tagger especially designed for biomedical text data, dealing with the problems of abbreviations in scientific text, and that of polysemy across general and biomedical domain.

An LSTM-CRF Based Approach to Token-Level Metaphor Detection
Malay Pramanick, Ashim Gupta, Pabitra Mitra
NAACL Workshop on Figurative Language Processing, 2018

We proposed a method for detection of metaphors at the token level using a Bidirectional-LSTM and CRF with a carefully chosen set of linguistic features.

Content Based Mammogram Retrieval System
VP Singh*, Ashim Gupta*, Shubham Singh, Rajeev Srivastava
IEEE UPCON at IIIT Allahabad, 2015

We designed an image retrieval system for Mammogram images with a modified region growing algorithm for segmentation of suspicious regions.

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